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Dottie during WW2 as a nurse stationed in Borneo

Dottie & Ez

I am staring in the mirror looking at the face of my beautiful Grandmother.  The light bouncing off her skin; making her seem like a movie star of a bygone era.  A hint of colour, a puff of powder and a twinkle in her eye, she turns to me with a warm smile that says she’s confident, she’s beautiful, she cares for herself.
 My Grandmothers were incredible women who lived in some of the toughest and progressive times in our history. They were women who worked, experienced war and hardships, women who raised families; women who believed that true beauty came from within but ‘a little polish’ never goes astray. They not only handed me my first skin care and makeup but they handed me a sense of pride, self-confidence and the wisdom that loving myself made me a better person.
For over two decades, I have worked with thousands of women as a makeup artist to discover the real power of makeup.  That in our busy lives, taking five minutes a day with the right products can leave you feeling confident about the way you look.
There is always a moment when my client see themselves in the mirror and  something lights up; they see their natural beauty; sometimes for the first time.  All of these experiences have brought me here.  In honour of Nana and Gran I created Dottie and Ez, to bring women all-natural and mineral products that cover, last, and are healthy for the skin to reflect your inner beauty – It’s makeup that acts as skin care.
Welcome to the Dottie & Ez family…

Beauty in Nature

It is very important to us to nurture your skin with our products which is why we have worked on building a range that includes high quality ingredients melding nature with science.


Why Choose Us

Cruelty Free

It is very important to us that our products not be tested on animals or cause any harm to animals.

We use ourselves as the guinea pigs for testing products quality and performance  and our Aussie manufacturers don’t test on animals.

Vegan Friendly

A large range of our makeup is vegan friendly being 100% natural and mineral based.  This includes the Foundations, Primer, Eyeshadows, Blush and many more.

With the exception of the Lipsticks which contain Bees Wax.

Quick Delivery & Satisfaction Guarrantee

We pride oursleves on responding your order and  having your parcel leave our store within 24 – 48 hours.

NO Risk policy…..If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase in the first 14 days we will refund (purchase price excluding postage) or exchange.

Please feel free to request samples if you are unsure of your colour match or product choice.

Leah Svanberg brings her extensive experience to development of the Dottie & Ez brand. She understands the challenges of the modern women……. to look good with minimal fuss.

It is in our DNA to want to be the best version of ourselves!

Leah’s goal is to show you how, in the smallest amount of time, with a little know how and the right products, to be just that.

Leah Svanberg

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